Mocking on social networks ??

Hi everyone,
i hope you are doing great, i limited my presence on Facebook and Blog to stay away from all the negativity that i was going around… i though i was a better option to stay away for a while and enjoy the company of loved ones.

I am not someone who would poke her nose into others matter but again its hard for me to ignore something that is inhuman and mean. Yesterday while talking to few of my really good friends we ended up discussing about the so called ” Groups” on facebook and blogsphere, who are taking direct digs on others based on their physical appearance. This is something really absurd to do at this age.

We are not teenagers anymore, saying something hurtful and demeaning to deliberately hurt someone is not cool, i am not trying to sound all saint like nor am trying to portray that i am the best. I do make mistakes but i would never pass comments on someone’s appearance. If you cannot make someone happy atleast don’t ruin someone’s day.

I came here to write about some makeup products i got recently and also to update you all about my life but somehow this post got diverted to another direction. I had all this in my mind for quite sometime now and i wanted to let it all out.

A person is not beautiful because he/she has a beautiful face but a person feels and looks beautiful if they have a beautiful heart. I know all these things would not matter to those who love mocking others they might come across this post, laugh it off and might find to new target.

I have nothing against anyone, we all are different and have different values and principles. We all have received negativity at some point of time in your lives, we all know that feeling so why would anyone want others to feel the same way.

But, anyways i am also glad that there are a lot more humble and kind people around, it all depends on you what kind of people you choose to have around.. its easy to identify who is fake and who is genuine. Too much of sweetness can also be a warning sign.

This post is not intended to preach or insult anyone, just something i wanted to let out.

22 thoughts on “Mocking on social networks ??”

  1. exactly the reason why I limited my presence too.. As it is every other person feels it's their duty to mock me on my weight , I didn't want these girls to spoil blogging for me either :(

    1. Bee.. i'll be very honest to you..not saying coz u r my friend (or coz i like u 😛 ) you carry off every outfit or dress so gracefully.. sometimes i envy you… honestly.. these people who make fun of other aren't perfect themselves and tht's the main reason they mock others just to feel good about themselves…. never stop blogging coz of them…

  2. Totally agree with everything you said! It's as if you said the things from the tip of my tongue! My parents always taught me to be humble and polite. So, when I first started blogging few months ago, I made many new contacts on social medias and it shocked me to the core to see how much people can be cruel to others! You are so right! When we go through humiliation or negative things ourselves, we know the feeling, right? then how can we cause that same to others! That too commenting on people's physical appearance! It bothers me a lot about how people are becoming narrow minded. All that matters i your heart! It always leaves it's shadow on your face. So it actually doesn't matter in the long run, how beautiful your face is……I was never big on social medias, I don't intend to be either. It only increases my blood pressure 😛 …But yes, kind and humble people are still there. That's why we are reading this post. That's why the world is still running. You are so right to let this all out! People need reminding.

    1. you are right Somi… i was debating whether to post this or not.. but i decided i had too.
      its so nice to come across amazing people like you via the net. <3

    2. good that you did. I am proud of you :) I have gone through this in my real life a lot ….. and they were people from my day to day life! And i know how horrible it feels! That's why I don't want to go through this again, especially from people I don't even know! These kind of people are making online sphere an emotional torture. There are so many tensions in our regular lives, who needs more! Ignoring is easy to say but in reality it's quite hard and it leaves some scars. On the other hand, I am glad that I met you too. It makes everything worthwhile and gives me confidence that I am not that stupid after all to still believe in goodness :* There are some good and rare byproducts of being an emotional fool, you see 😛

  3. OMG really? Where n why is this happening. Luckily i don't spend much time on FB and haven't come across it. Though i faced it myself a month back. This person was uploading my pics so that n i quote "ppl can see how fat n ugly i actually am" Since im facing a few health problems i have ballooned up over the past yr n such hurtful comments just make me more miserable. Its good to see u raising ur voice against it hun
    if only ppl cud live n let live the world wud be a much better place!

    1. Lee… its was like i have been hearing the same story from everyone on how ladies are making fun of each other… i did encounter few such statuses but didn't realise it was more than what i was seeing… but i am really sorry that you had to go through all this.
      Really don't understand why are people after you.. :(

  4. Hi,
    I'm very new to fashion blogging. I have no idea what the actual incident/incidents were, but it's a little scary to put oneself out there when there are such mean people who do not understand basic decency. Even though I'd like to be a fashion blogger, till now I haven't uploaded any pictures of myself. After reading this I'm quite apprehensive. I've been toying with the idea of being an anonymous fashion blogger (even though it sounds contradictory). Quite confused :(
    Btw, please check out my blog. I could really use some tips/ advice.

    1. Hi Neharika,
      please go ahead with your blog, do wht your heart says,,, you can never please everyone … through your blog you'll find some amazing like minded people but again everything has two sides.. so does blogging .. you would also come across people who think differently…

  5. well said n very true! :( n personally i feel however much we try these things do affect the mind! but need to be positive in life ! i really like this youtuber Annie Jaffrey for her positivity n energy in life! much needed for me! i dont comment often on ur blog but ive read all ur posts n really admire ur eye makeup looks n ur gorgeous sweety, i saw u at the faces event i think in delhi n ur really beautiful, keep smiling :)

  6. Even I do not understand this silly attitude. moreover, given a second thought, most people on the blogosphere are people we are not even personally acquainted with. ( I have a few good friends though. but I am talking in generalized terms.) So, I feel it's better to learn from the others whatever is best in them and bnd simply ignore what is impertinent.
    May be we don;t like to indulge in such silly behavior simply because we have a life outside this virtual world?

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